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Mary Ianniello, Search Consultant at ARC
“Mary called me out of the blue not knowing that I had just been laid off. She didn’t know if there was even a role open but she got me in and I was hired right away. I am really happy with my new role.”
– Suzanne O., Senior Sales

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Elissa Gilbert, Search Consultant at ARC
“Elissa was fantastic to work with. She reached out about a role that sounded interesting, but ultimately it was not the right fit. After grouping up with her team, she presented a second opportunity that was a perfect match. Within a week of submitting my resume, I landed my dream job. Thanks Elissa!!!”
– Zack P., Recruiter

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Suzanne Burke, Search Consultant at ARC
Suzanne made a huge impact in my life! I was struggling to come up with a desired salary range because as a female executive we often have a hard time with pay equity for our value to an organization. Suzanne gave me valuable advice and I was able to secure the role of my dreams at a compensation package that was life changing.
– Suzanne G., Sr. Vice President

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Liza Antonas, Search Consultant at ARC
“What a great experience from beginning to end. Thank you to Liza for everything she did for me and my family!”
– Jeffrey H.,National Sales – Staffing/Executive Search

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Katie Shea, Search Consultant at ARC
“Katie consistently gave us the best talent.  She was not satisfied with “almosts” and she kept searching until we found the perfect match.  While other recruiters seemed to be sending resumes to satisfy a quota, Katie was able to find, qualify, and delivery the needle in the haystack.  I would recommend Katie for anyone looking to add top talent to their organization!”

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Matt Gerrity, Search Consultant at ARC
“Matt made the job search process easy. He dove into what I was looking for in my next role, my experience, and what options he had on his bench that would fit what I was looking for. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience in my new job search.”
– Andrew T., Account Manager

Recommendation for
Angela Ojeda, Search Consultant at ARC
“Angela was the best recruiter I’ve ever worked with in my career so far.  I was hesitant to begin my job search and she reached out with a perfect opportunity. Given my previous employment situation, I had to slow roll my process and she was patient and made sure that my current employers were aware. Most recruiters would’ve wished me well and moved on but Angela fought for my profile and really made it such a positive experience.”
– Gracie B., Client Partner

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Aryn Smith, Search Consultant at ARC
“Aryn expressed an interest in learning my background for current and future openings. She shared my resume with two clients and followed up with me immediately with feedback.  It was a positive experience and I strongly recommend working with Aryn.”
– Tracy K., Talent Manager