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Kristen has been in the staffing industry for over 14 years and joined Anderson Recruiting as a Search Consultant in January, 2023. She spends most of her time recruiting, sourcing, and screening candidates but is also building relationships with new and existing clients, working toward running a full desk.

Prior to working for Anderson, she was Lead Recruiter at Clear Point Consultants for a total of 12 years, specializing in Content Developers, User Experience Designers, and Product Managers. She also spent 10 years as a Business Management professor and academic mentor at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. She published and presented for various journals and professional organizations.

Kristen earned a BA in Organizational Change, an MS in Human Resource Development, and a PhD in Leadership and Organizational Change. She continuously improves by keeping up on industry trends and research, learning from candidates and clients, and staying connected with industry-specific communities.

She lived and worked for many years in the Boston area but moved south over 20 years ago. Kristen now works out of her office in Saint Petersburg, Florida.